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LaVar Ball Clashes With Lonzo over BBB

Lava Ball on his quest to conquer it all in the business world, gave us access into their daily regiments via their Facebook reality show, Ball in the Family. It unfortunately captures the train wreck that is the same reason why the brand is stuck in purgatory. One of the biggest sideshows in the NBA over the last few years has been the Ball family.

LaVar, has been known to overhype his sons at every occasion and it has led to some bad play out on the court, specifically from Lonzo. Of course, Lonzo spent the last two seasons playing for the Los Angeles Lakers but was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans in the off season. Ball is a player that needs to start performing at a higher level or he might start losing his status as a consistent starter.

Another issue with the Ball family is the Big Baller Brand which essentially came to an end this year after a family friend took advantage of Lonzo and the company. LaVar has been adamant about revitalizing the brand although his sons aren't exactly on the same page. During an episode of "Ball in the Family," Lonzo and LaVar got into a heated argument about changing the name of the brand. This led LaVar to unleash some harsh words upon his son.

“When I come up with a name and there’s somebody telling me to change it, that’s like telling me to change your name,” LaVar said. “That’s like people saying, ‘Hey, change Lonzo’s name to Alfonso on the fact that he been damaged goods for the last two years.'”

It's clear there is a bit of tension between these two and with Lonzo in New Orleans, perhaps we will see this father and son tandem take a bit of a break from each other. Hopefully, this argument doesn't completely derail their relationship.


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