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Kanye West - Conning America Again?

Kanye west, much Like Donald Trump uses his contrarian nature to stir up controversy and click bait in order to sell his now mediocre brand to the masses. Let me preface this article by saying that Kanye West is one of this era's most brilliant marketing savants. He has manage to stay relevant through multiple music business paradigm shifts as well as branch out into fashion where he has carved out a niche for himself. Not to mention how he furthered HIS brand by marrying into the Kardashian empire. As the saying goes, you cant knock the hustle. What is Kanye West new con game you say? Well, we see he has been going around performing religious ceremonies at various urban church venues around the country. This essentially a ploy to placate to the black community. Why? The main reason is to create a buzz since he recently hinted via his wife Kim Kardashian about an album release later this month. If you see the song titles, things will start to make sense and you can really see who Kanye is.

Another reason is to generate some positive PR to gain the favor of the black community due to his erratic slavery comments he made on TMZ also coupled with his short stinted bromance with Donald trump (another marketing ploy to appease the alt right). He definitely lost ground with his core African american fan base with those moves. The bottom line is, Kanye West is an ego-maniacal narcissist who, based off his Yeezus album title, Rolling Stones magazine cover and recent track list, show he has a GOD complex and feels superior to everyone. Everything he does is self serving and at expense of other people in his orbit. His technique seems like playing the contrarian, which suits today’s mode of attracting attention mainly via social media and click bait, garners immense visibility for anything attached to his name.

Kanye West may think he is original but in my opinion, he is being a con man capitalizing off of his early 'College Drop Out" success. His subsequent albums after 808s & Heartbreak have been an ill faded attempt o prove that he can change the direction of the music industry. He hasn't produced any meaningful hits since then and only gets his stans to support his albums.

When it comes to his impact in the fashion industry, there has been nothing groundbreaking. He tries to pass off overpriced sweat shirts and sweat pants as high fashion. His fans are so caught up and buy everything he sell that Kanye got away with selling these overpriced seats at a pop up tent at 2019 Coachella.

The last point on his attempt to be a fashion trend setter, he designed some croc looking Yeezy shoes which rightfully got ridiculed on twitter. Since when did crocs become designer shoes? I guess that shoe may have a niche market for the exact people who spent their money on crocs.

His recent church services seem very transparent and he has hijacked religion as a means to self promote. Using religion a an easy way to get the black people to come around and support his work but if history has anything to say about it, his album in the works will probably be less than satisfactory.

He did fans dirty again today when his Jesus is King album, slated to be released to day was abscent from the new release line up. Only the lord truly knows what Kanye's ulterior motives are and by Lord, I dont mean Kanye.

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