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Gun Control Laws vs. White Privilege

Gun control laws directly infringe on white privilege which is why we are having issues with it. Majority of gun owners in the United States are Caucasian males who use guns to mask an insecurity that has existed since colonial times. It was so important that it was written into the constitution which in hindsight was relative to post civil war times but archaic in today's society. What does this have do with white privilege? Some Caucasians believe that they inherently own this country and the laws are written to protect them above all else. I believe the confederates who lost the war still nurture this ideology of white nationalism. As for the co-opted 2nd amendment, it gives citizens the right to bear arms as a means to protect civilians from a rogue government. This is the one thing that separates us from other countries who have less guns hence less gun violence. With the development of assault riffles, it would be wise to revisit the law since its design is for war and mass killings but the powers that be (Caucasians) see it as a threat to their sovereignty. Now when you intersect all this with the recent mass murders committed by emboldened Caucasians, radicalized by Trump vitriolic rhetoric, you would think the NRA, the president, and congress would act swiftly to enact stricter gun control laws to reduce the harm done on innocent people.

The truth is that nothing will happen because the number of Caucasians who believe in the law, also vote accordingly. If you want the power then you must appease those constituents. We have seen this script play out repeatedly after every mass shooting, especially on Fox News Network. There is an immediate outrage and an amazing consensus to enact stricter gun laws, the NRA, gun lovers, and gun lobbyists who are littered through every branch of American politics, activate their protocol to blame mental health and video games which eventually leads to it all getting swept under the rug. That law is now perverted by gun fanatics and sycophants who use guns as a means to impose their will on innocent civilians. Today it seems as if the vilification of immigrants by trump is working because Hispanics are being targeted. The message is clear that the immigrants are infringing on white privilege and threaten their power and population via the vote so the propaganda war is on. Scare white folks enough to act. Imagine if weapons were banned, what other course of action can the “disenfranchised” Caucasians take? We are currently watching an egomaniacal leader desperate for power and wealth stoke these emotions to build his empire. All this is done in the guise of White nationalism which at its core demonizes all outside of that race making it ok to attack them via enacting laws to legalize their horrific actions against non whites. Hopefully, this colonial mindset will soon end as it has ripped through and destroyed people and nations for generations.

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