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Listen to New Single by Nekiya Ade | A Way To Your Heart

You are probably on your way in to work after a very eventful MLK weekend with friends and family and perhaps you are also wandering how you can keep the entertainment going. Here is a suggestion, go stream Nekiya Ade's new single, just released this morning for your listening pleasure.

According to Nekiya and her producer Offkeezz, 2018 is going to be a year where Nekiya Ades music explodes into your conciousness due to the amount of heat slated to be released.

Her new single, "A way to Your Heart" is so catchy and the melody beautifully captivates the raw emotion the love tends to trigger in people nowadays where instant gratification precedes patience and hard work.

Here are samples of the song and be sure to go stream or purchase her music today!

Written by Nekiya Ade

Produced by OffKeezz

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