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A-rod and J-Lo Betting on Their Public Romance

A-Rod was J Lo's perfectly orchestrated romance seems to be going according to plan. It appears she has met her match and is ready for more fame and fortune this could lead to.. A-Rod of course gets to be relevant even tho J-Lo is in her forties (I'll still hit, Just saying.)

They are going awfully public with this which seems as if the got the back channels lined up for how they'll benefit from this. We know their history and thirst for the spot light. This could propel them to epic 'presidential' status which is no joking matter nowadays.

At the least, reality tv shows and fashion and tv opportunities with Puerto Rico at its core fabric. Who knows but the sky is the limit for this new power couple. We know everything they do from this point is deliberate from their style to their choice of restaurant, body language and accessories will not be taken for granted. This is a full fledged campaign unfolding

His role looks like that of the suave, Spanish, gentleman during a dinner date -- holding doors open for his fiery damsel.

This is all fortuitous but we know the tabloids, the public and social media love it and are eager consumers for this type of low rung entertainment. I just want to get in a pool where we are taking bets on how epic the break up will be. He is gonna cry on TV (Fingers crossed).

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