Tyga Teams up With Rob Kardashian in Epic Showdown Vs. Blac Chyna

The Instagram darling now alleges that her other ex, Rob Kardashian, has teamed up with Tyga to spread vicious lies about her. They apparently told people that Blac Chyna is trying to get back with the "Loyal" rapper.

Rob is the one who informed Chyna about Tyga's allegations. Meanwhile, she claims she had only reached out to the rapper to make arrangements to pay their son King's nannies -- even though insiders say they usually take care of that separately.

Ruomors suggest Tyga thought she meant she wanted to talk about co-parenting their child together. He confided in Rob about it who in turn told Chyna. Apparently, Tyga and Rob have gotten closer ever since the latter's breakup with the IG star.

That doesn't seem to sit well with their mutual baby mama.


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