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Kendall Jenner Plays Marilyn Monroe In Risque Video Shoot

Kendall Jenner is in rare form as she channels Marilyn Monroe in a new (NSFW) video for LOVE magazine.

At 21, Kendall Jenner is on her way to becoming one of America's most iconic supermodels. She displays an archetypal American elegance that places her in the lineage of the classic beauties of the past. Accordingly, she looks absolutely dazzling in a new video for LOVE magazine, in which she's dressed and made up like Marilyn Monroe.

Directed by Rankin, the video finds Kendall flaunting a selection of gorgeous getups while lip-synching an array of Monroe's most famous tunes. Due to a couple of the lingerie pieces, the video shall be labeled NSFW.

“Kendall had come to London for the LOVE 17 launch as she’d photographed the cover stars, and Rankin hadn’t shot with her before, and had really wanted to make this video with her,” says LOVE Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand. "She had the time so we just did it. It was a super fun day as ever with Kendall.”


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